Smoked Boston Butt Recipe

This is a guideline for smoking a boston butt for BBQ sandwiches. Its not really a detailed recipe. It can be modified to meet your family’s needs.

Boston Butt or your choice cut of meat. Boston Butt works great for shredding on to sandwiches
1/4 C. Birdhouse Kitchens All Purpose Seasoning
1 pint warm water in a jar with a lid
T Bird’s BBQ Sauce

Pour 1/4 cup of seasoning in to a pint mason jar. Add warm water, top with lid and shake well. Continue to shake this mixture throughout the day until ready to inject. We like to let this mixture set a bit or even overnight to make it easy to inject into the meat.
Before removing the plastic package around the meat inject with the seasoning mixture. Next remove the packaging and use some of the all purpose seasoning as a dry rub on the outside of the meat.
Smoke the boston butt at 195 degrees for 10-12 hours until bone starts to losen away from the meat. Be careful not to cook too long or it will dry out. Keep the meat away from flame. Slow cooking is best.
Remove from smoker and shred meat with bear claws or slice meat in about 3/8″ slabs. Now it’s time to add T Bird’s BBQ Sauce. Do not add sauce during the cooking process for a boston butt. This will also work for brisket. If cooking ribs or chicken add BBQ sauce about halfway through the cooking process. Do inject chicken, however it is not needed on ribs; only use dry rub on ribs.