The Bird Family

Lori Bird – Owner/Operator

Lori is the owner of Birdhouse Kitchens and the primary beekeeper for the bees that produce Birds and Bees Honey. All of the products that we sell have been developed in her kitchen and enthusiastically taste-tested by herself, her husband, her sons, and anyone else who just happens to drop by when she has something cooking.


Trent and Justin Bird

Trent is Lori’s husband and Justin is one of their sons. Trent did all the figuring when it came to building homes for the bees and places to prepare and store our products. If you come by the house, he will probably be building something for Lori or the boys. Justin helps out by updating this website and lifting heavy things like boxes full of honey that might injure his aging parents. If you are interested in keeping any of our products on your shelves, you should call him at 870-718-9054 and he will answer your questions, take your order, and deliver it to your store.

They are both interested in organic gardening and they are experimenting with methods that take advantage of beneficial microbial and insect life in the soil. They have been inspired by their work with Lori’s bees and the necessity of creating a bee-friendly environment.