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Welcome to Birdhouse Kitchens, our family business.

In 2012, Lori Bird thought she would try commercial beekeeping. So she and her husband, Trent went to work building cypress boxes to house their honey bees.  As they learned more about beekeeping, they became interested in beekeeping techniques that eliminated the use of pesticides and chemicals to care for their bees. They also decided not to heat, mix, or cut the honey before bottling it. As a result, Birds & Bees Honey is a product that retains all its natural properties and flavor.

Since 2013, we have brought raw, chemical-free Birds & Bees Honey from our hives to local shops in south Arkansas.

Lori has had the opportunity to give many classes on natural beekeeping and spend one-on-one time in the hives with local beekeepers. In spring 2017, we started putting together starter hives for aspiring backyard beekeepers, which are available for pre-order.

We have also built a small state and federally regulated manufacturing and processing facility for bottling to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

We have also been working to develop all-natural versions of our family recipes to customers who have enjoyed our honey and sorghum. T Bird’s BBQ Sauce, Momma Birds White Cornbread Mix, and Birds’ All Purpose Seasoning are now available.

Thank you for your support and look for our new products in a store near you.

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Owner: Lori Bird

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